Baltimore City needs an active Central Committee to ensure that we elect strong Democrats in our city, state, and country. I am passionate about advancing the Democratic platform and making the Democratic party more accessible and inclusive, particularly for young people and women. I am running because I believe we can do better, and I want to help bring change that the City needs. We need:

  • To elect more women to public office.
  • To better engage young people in the political process.
  • More robust efforts to register new voters and returning citizens.
  • Higher voter turnout and stronger Get Out The Vote efforts.
  • A strategic commitment to ensure Democratic victories at the state and national levels in 2018 and beyond.

Women make up more than half of the U.S. population, and yet we fill less than 1 in 4 elected offices. It is critically important for more women to serve in public offices so that women’s issues can be better represented. Studies show that female candidates win campaigns at the same rate as male candidates - the problem is that there are not enough women running. We will not have a truly representative Democracy until we achieve political parity and in order to do so, we must encourage more women to run for office.

Many young people feel disengaged from politics because they don’t feel like their elected officials represent their interests. Indeed, voters ages 18-29 historically have lower turnout at the polls than voters in any other age group. In order to fix this, we need to reach out to young people and assure them that their voices do matter, that they should get involved, that they can make a difference, and that the Democratic Party is fighting for them.


The Democratic State Central Committee is the governing body of the Democratic Party in Maryland. Its members are responsible for promoting the Party’s platform, engaging voters, and ensuring that Democrats turn out to vote in elections. The Central Committee is also responsible for filling vacant elected offices when a sitting State Senator or Delegate has to step down due to resignation, removal, or death.

Central Committee members are elected during the Gubernatorial primary and serve a 4-year term. The upcoming election will be held on Tuesday, June 26, 2018. On the primary ballot, Democrats in District 46 will be able to vote for one State Senator, three State Delegates, and seven Central Committee Members. We have a strong delegation in District 46 who are doing their best to fight for us in Annapolis, but they need better support from their local Democrats. If elected, I will serve as a liaison between our elected leaders and you - the community members. I look forward to earning your vote!

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